LaVela Remains Open While Condo Snags Are Worked Out

As we first reported on NewsChannel Seven last Saturday, plans for a massive resort condominium to replace Club LaVela have hit a big bump in the road.

Representatives of Club LaVela say they still plan to sell, but the question is when.

The club's lawyer, Patrick Pfeffer, who is also one of the owners, says Lavela will be sold. The April 5 closing date fell through, but he says both sides are still working to close the deal.

Pfeffer says it could take anywhere from six weeks to three months to finalize everything. He wouldn't comment to NewsChannel Seven why the deal fell through, but says the deal will go through even if the project is restructured.

Apparently, that's no comfort to a handful of unit owners who have already invested a lot of money into the Aquatica Resort Condominium which is planned for the LaVela site on Thomas Drive.

In the meantime, club officials say LaVela will remain open for business as usual.