Technicool: Timesaving Shortcuts

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Between home and work, I’m on a computer anywhere between six and 10 hours a day. There are some simple things you can do with just a couple of keystrokes that will save you minutes a day. Here are some of my favorite shortcuts.

While surfing the Web, you don’t have to type out the complete web address every time. Say you want to go to the WJHG web page. Just type in WJHG to your web browser, then hit “control” plus “enter.” You’ll notice the "http://" and the “.com” will be put there for you. This works in most Web browsers, including Internet Explorer and Firefox.

If you have a lot of Internet sites you surf everyday, use your “Favorites” menu. If you use Internet Explorer, just click on “Favorites,” “Add to Favorites” when you’re on a page you want a shortcut to.

In Firefox, “Favorites” are known as “Bookmarks.” If you’re like me and have multiple windows open at one time on the computer, sometimes you need to get to your desktop.

To do this instantly without having to close or minimize windows individually, just press the “windows” button on your keyboard (between control and alt on the left side) and the "D" key at the same time. (Windows + D).

Voila! Instant desktop. To go back to what you saw before, just do the same thing again.

There are a lot of shortcuts like these. In the coming weeks, I'll publish more of my favorite timesavers that make using my computer a little less time consuming.