Academy Followup

The neighbors don't want it, and now they're trying to convince the Marianna planning commission to keep a boarding school for troubled teenagers off their block.

Last week NewsChannel 7 told you about the controversial plan. Since then, folks in the neighborhood collected over 140 signatures of Marianna residents opposed to the sale of a building to a ministry to help troubled teens.

Tuesday afternoon, they went before the city's planning and zoning board to say they like what the school is doing, but not where they plan to do it.

The Calvary Academy Ministry would house 19 students with a staff of 33. The students are described as "troubled." A ministry spokesperson says they are not violent or dangerous.

Calvary Academy applied to the city for special permit because the facility would house overnight residents. After hearing the concerns of the community, the board voted unanimously to deny Calvary Academy's request.