Murder Billboard

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Another mystery has investigators from four different agencies looking for clues. They want to find who killed a Marianna mother and her three children last month.

Jackson County Crimestoppers is using an advertising angle to attract information. “Who killed my babies” is the question Crimestoppers is hoping someone in this community can answer.

Maj. John Dennis, Jackson County Chief Deputy, says, “They will not have to give their name. They will not have to testify in open court, and of course, they will be eligible for a reward."

Just south of Highway 90 on Penn Avenue, Danielle Baker and her three sons are now on a billboard. All of them were found murdered in their Marianna apartment last month.

Lou Roberts, Marianna Police Chief, says, “This is a very heavily traveled area. We feel that maybe having these signs placed in this area will give us a lot of traffic where people actually see the sign and it will make them think about."

Marianna Police Chief Lou Roberts says the billboard is a symbol to the community.

"That's what the sign's about, to remind the community there was four lives that were lost that morning and three of those were children, and we need the community's help and support in trying to get information that will resolve this."

Jackson County Chief Deputy John Dennis, who works as the law enforcement liaison for Crimestoppers, says this may just be the beginning.

"Crimestoppers actually donated the money for the billboard. They run about $800 apiece. There's two of them. It's a double sided billboard. They run about $1,600 and there's a possibility they'll be able to put up some more if needed be."

Danielle Baker may be gone, but with the help of Crimestoppers, someone traveling along Penn Avenue may have the answer to her final question.

The number to call the Jackson County Crimestoppers is 850-526-5000. There 's still a $25,000 reward for any information that may lead to an arrest and/or conviction in this case.