We had some rough weather blow through our area Wednesday. In fact, a tornado touched down north of Bonifay late Wednesday afternoon, damaging several homes and leaving at least four families homeless.

The Bonifay Fire Department says they got the call around 5 p.m. When they arrived they found downed power lines, broken trees and folks doing whatever they could to help out their neighbors.

Robert Middlebrooks of the Bonifay Fire Department says, "We got up here, which is Happy Hollow Road. The damage here is extensive. On some houses we have neighbors helping neighbors trying to get roofs back on the houses, trying to get them dried in."

Just north of 177A in Bonifay, two houses were partially damaged and one was completely destroyed by a tornado.

Norman Harris, a tornado victim, says, “We were standing in the house and all of a sudden we seen the wind blowing real strong. I didn't really hear noise or anything; we just seen the wind blowing real strong and we all headed for the hallway."

That's what Norman Harris remembers about his brief episode with mother nature.

"The tornado hit and we could see something through the bedroom windows, and in just a minute it was gone."

Emergency responders were also dispatched to two other tornado stricken homes on nearby Gator Lane. They found a totally destroyed mobile home and another partially damaged home. As they began to access the damage, emergency responders say it could have been worse.

Wanda Stafford, Emergency Management Director, says, "Power lines were down everywhere and we were fortune that we did not have any injuries."

The American Red Cross was also on the scene and has put those families who were left homeless by this tornado in a hotel for at least two nights.