The Political Scene Heats Up in Calhoun County

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Blountstown-There will be quite a shuffle this election day in Calhoun County. Several positions are up for grabs, and among them are the Sheriff and Clerk of Circuit Court.

Sheriff David Tatum and Court Clerk Ruth Attaway have both been in their positions for the past 12 years and said they're ready to retire.
Over the past dozen years, the two have seen their fair share of accomplishments.

For Tatum, one that stuck out most was the decrease in crime during his stint in office. Calhoun County has come in first or second place every year yfor the past 10 years of counties with the lowest crime rates in Florida. He said it's a statistic that's not always been the case for Calhoun County.

Attaway said she was proud to have turned around the department by cleaning up the books and reputation of the courthouse. She said her office is offering more and improved services to the people of Calhoun County than ever before.

So far, eight people have put their names in the hat for Sheriff and two for Clerk of the Circuit Court. And it's no surprise the pair have high expectations regarding their successors.

"First and for most [they] would be honest. Second would be unselfish, and third would be a good work ethic" said Tatum.

Attaway had a similar list and added, "we're small enough that each of these offices elected impacts the community tremendously. So I would like to see good, honest, hardworking people elected."

The Democratic primary will be August 14. The winner of the primary will go on to Super Tuesday, the first Tuesday in November.

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