New Swimmer Safety Flags Are Now Hoisted Over Panama City Beach

A new, state recommended five-flag surf warning system is finally the standard along the 18-mile stretch of Panama City Beach.

Most other counties around Bay use the state system, and local leaders decided to convert from the three flags to five flags last October. The new system was installed on Thursday.

City and county leaders agreed the new standard five-flag warning system was the way to go to protect swimmers and beach goes. Neighboring Walton County has been using the system for sometime now, as has St. Andrew State Park.

In addition to installing the new flag warning system Thursday, crews also erected signs explaining the different colored flags at all beach accesses.

A Green Flag replaces the old Blue Flags and stands for calm waters.

Yellow Flags Mean caution

One Red Flag means watch out for dangerous surf

Two Red Flags means the situation is too dangerous and the beach is closed.

A Purple flag indicates hazardous marine life present, like sharks, jelly fish or other life that could present a problem for swimmers.

There’s current 30 of the swimmer warning system flag poles in use. Another 13 will be coming on line in the next few weeks and months.