Area Workers’ Salaries Are Increasing

Workers in Bay and Okaloosa Counties are making more money, but their personal income is still below the state average.

Newly released census statistics show the average personal income in the Panama City/Lynn Haven Metro Area topped the $26,000 mark is 2003. That’s a strong 5.8 percent increase over the year before, but it still lags behind the showing in the Ft. Walton Beach Metro area.

In South Okaloosa County personal income growth was among the largest in the country, coming in a 7.1 percent. The average annual personal income in Ft. Walton Beach now stands at more than $30,000.

Both Panama City and Ft. Walton Beach still lag behind the national average of more than $31,000.

The highest personal income in the country is Norwalk, Connecticut at more than $60,000 per person.