Smiling Faces at Patterson Elementary

After struggling with low scores and one of the school’s overall worst grades in Bay County, Oscar Patterson fourth graders blasted the writing portion of the FCAT this time around.

Last year Patterson students and staff were devastated when they found out they earned a “D” for a school grade. They vowed then they would turn it around this year, and it seems they have.

Patterson fourth graders tied with Patronis Elementary, with the schools’ students getting an average of 3.8 on the writing test.

Patterson has overcome a lot in the last few years. With low test schools, many parents chose other schools for their children. The numbers are still low, but they are rising.

Patterson is now a NASA Explorer Magnet School for math and science. The distinction comes with thousands of dollars in grant money, but teachers say this win was all about the effort of the students.

Every Friday morning the entire school writes. The subject topic is announced at the end of the morning announcements. Students from pre-k on up then take part in the weekly writing drill.

Teachers tell us it’s these weekly drills which really helped the Patterson students improve their writing scores.