Poisoned Cows

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Law enforcement and health officials are trying to find out how more than three dozen head of cattle died this weekend. They suspect poisoning, but haven't been able to confirm their suspicions.

Monday afternoon, Jim Fowler had to bury his cows on the same land where they grazed.

Jim says, "My daughter-in-law called us at church and told us that she seen some of the cows dead out there, so I come on home, and from then on it was down hill."

Fowler, who has been raising beef cattle on his Graceville farm for over 40 years, says he saw 42 head of his cattle die in just two to three hours.

Mrs. Fowler also remembers the horror that she came home to witness.

Dorothy Fowler says, "We're hurt. It was just devastating, especially to me and my daughter yesterday. We just couldn't hardly take it, just seeing them fall like flies out there, you know?"

No one knows exactly what made the animals ill and would eventually lead to their death, but, left over from the sick cattle is a lone survivor and lots of hungry calves.

"We never had anything to happen like this. The only thing we can do is count it gone and start over. Our investment in is gone, it's down in the ground. It's just a sad situation that we have experienced, nothing like it before."

The Fowlers say their loss in beef cattle may be over $35,000. The Jackson County Sheriff's Department is investigating this case. Several samples of the cows’ feed has been submitted to a lab to be analyzed.