Meth Lab Bust

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Holmes County sheriff's officials are calling it the largest methamphetamine bust in county history.

Tuesday afternoon they discovered the $250,000 meth lab operation at a home in northern Holmes County. Authorities say they knew they were at the right house before they opened the front door.

An anonymous tip led authorities to the largest discovery of pure meth in Holmes County's history. Investigators say when they got to the community in northern Holmes County there was a familiar odor in the air.

Inv. Eddie Eaton says, "We've done so many of these meth labs, we know what it smells like.”

Over a quarter of a million dollars worth of pure crystal meth was found in a shed along with denatured alcohol, gallons of iodine, red devil lye, and everything else a person would need to cook more meth.

"It could catch fire. It could explode. There's just a lot of things that could happen. Not only to the environmental hazards of having these chemicals in one spot."

Holmes County Sheriff Dennis Lee says that entire communities are affected by these labs because the people that make meth aren't just cooking for themselves

Dennis Lee says, "Our foster homes are full in Holmes County and surrounding areas because of methamphetamine."

Sheriff Lee hopes by shutting down this lab he'll see one less parent fall to addiction.

"We had a child recently, a nine-month-old that tested positive for meth because its mama was using meth while it was being breast fed. You know, we're in a fight to save the citizens of our area, and we're going to continue that fight.”

This meth lab was also equipped with security cameras, weapons and even an outdoor shower to wash off the chemicals. So far no arrests have been made

The Holmes County sheriff's officials are looking for 45-year-old James Lindsey and 38-year-old Brigeta Handler in connection with this bust.

If you have any information, please call Crimestoppers at 866-689-8477.