Dead Cows

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Agriculture officials are still trying to find out what killed more than three dozen cows in Jackson County over the weekend.

Graceville rancher Jim Fowler came home to witness a tragedy Sunday afternoon. Fowler saw 42 of his cows die in two to three hours. He buried the cows on Monday.

A state Department of Agriculture inspector and a veterinarian inspected the area Wednesday. They speculate the animals died from toxic poisoning but did not find any signs of toxic plants on the farm.

They sent a sample of the cows' feed to a lab earlier this week. The Department of Agriculture says it's committed to solving this case and taking corrective action.

Ed Jowers, Jackson County Ext. Director, says, "Charles Bronson is commissioner of agriculture, and I talked to a couple of his inspectors this afternoon after visiting with Mr. Fowler. The commissioner has this as a top priority, trying to find a solution to it."

One cow out of the group was still alive on Monday, but it eventually died, putting the Fowler's losses at 43 cows, over $35,000.