Geogia Escapee Caught Here

An escaped prisoner from Decatur County, Georgia was recaptured at Panama City Beach late Friday by Bay County Sheriff’s Deputies.

Earl Marvin Tillman, 24 years old, had been staying at a home at the corner of Shady Lane and Beach Drive on the east end of the beach. As warrants deputies approached the home, Tillman was outside and ran.

A chase began across Single Hill Golf Course and then into the Grand Maze and into an adjacent mini golf course near a group of small children. To prevent the suspect from injuring the children or possibly taking a hostage, sheriff’s deputies used a taser on him and he was arrested.

After Tillman was placed in handcuffs he continued to resist arrest and attempted to kick multiple officers at the scene.

He’s been booked into the Bay County Jail and is awaiting extradition back to Decatur County, Ga.

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