Frugal Friday

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From beef to orange juice and beyond, in this edition of Frugal Friday we have the products and places Good Housekeeping calls “the best” for food and food preparation.

For a fast and easy way to garnish your food, Good Housekeeping’s food pros call the “Microplane Zester” the kitchen product they can’t live without. For $10, it grates parmesan cheese in literally seconds. It’s also useful for getting rid of the burnt edge on a piece of toast.

For the best deal on meat, Good Housekeeping says buy the “whole rib eye” at a club store. Typically, for the price of six steaks that you could buy at the butcher or supermarket, we found that if you bought the whole rib eye steak from a club store such as Sam’s, Costo or BJ’s, you could get 12 to 14 steaks.

When it’s time to store leftovers, use a plastic wrap that clings. Good Housekeeping says the “Reynolds Plastic Wrap” has the best cling, and that means it will keep food from drying out or spilling.

We found that when we placed a portion of canned peaches in syrup in a bowl and covered it with Reynolds Plastic Wrap, we could turn the bowl upside down without any leakage.

Do you like to wake up to fresh orange juice that’s not made from concentrate? In a taste test, “Tropicana Pure Premium Homestyle” was voted best of the fresh supermarket orange juices.

And if you want a break from cooking, take the family out to “The Olive Garden.” A website poll rated it the best family-friendly restaurant.

The second place winner in the best family friendly restaurant went to Applebee’s.

Manufacturers’ contacts:

Microplane Rasp Shredder
501-358-0208 (Brenda McLain)

Reynolds Plastic Wrap”

Tropicana Pure Premium Homestyle
312-751-3730 (Megan Lindsay)
312-821-3599 (Peter Brace)

The Olive Garden
407-245-5161 (Mara Frazier)