Student Faces Bomb Making Charges

A Bay High School Student is in jail and his future very much in question after he was accused of making a crude explosive device that detonated on the school campus before classes began Tuesday morning, the last day of school.

Eighteen-year-old Patrick Everitt, a junior at Bay High, recently joined Florida’s Army National Guard. He was due to ship out for boot camp in a week. Instead he’s in the county jail facing a second-degree felony charge.

Investigators say school maintenance workers found a plastic “Sunkist” drink bottle in the middle of an alleyway around 7 a.m. The worker picked it up and threw it into a nearby trashcan. Seconds later it exploded

Federal ATF agents were called in and say the explosive reaction was caused by muratic acid and aluminum.

Not only does he face criminal charges, he could get school suspension and discharge from the National Guard.