Wanting to Wave

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Saturday's Lynn Haven Founder's Day Parade was an event 88-year-old Leonard Davis surely would of loved.

Linda Kaiser, Leonard's daughter, says, "Ever since 9/11 he came out three times a day to wave the flag and he wanted to be at the Founder's Day Parade, and since he's at the hospital and can't be here, we thought the family could be here in his place.”

Leonard's daughter Linda and other family members took over his flag duties on Saturday, the city of Lynn Haven's 92 birthday.

The daylong celebration is a chance to reflect on the city's past and future, but among the bands, snow cones, karate and sirens, there were thoughts of Leonard, a man who proudly and religiously rolled his walker to the edge of Highway 77 and believed in the stars and stripes.

Walter Kelly of Lynn Haven says, "He's never been in the military, but he certainly understands how important it is to fly that flag and make sure that we live in the best country in the world, and he wants to keep it that way."

Linda has fond memories of her father's daily trip to the roadside.

“I live back on Florida Avenue and I can hear the horns beeping, and I knew, I said, ‘dad's out there waving his flag.’ ”

It’s something we all look forward to seeing again.