Bad Weather Backup

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It's part of a statewide hurricane exercise this week to make sure local municipalities are prepared.

Hurricane Zach is fake, but the county is pretending that it’s real. County officials also get to work the bugs out of the backup EOC, the Florida Highway Patrol Troop A headquarters just off Highway 231.

The current EOC sits in a category 3 evacuation zone and could be vulnerable during a major storm.

Local emergency, public works and military personnel took part in the test.

Sid Busick of the Bay County EOC says, "If we didn't do planning you would have things like problems communicating and during a real event you don't want to have that problem. You want to be able to get the message out to the public.

Throughout the meeting, Busick pushed the importance of proper communication. This is the first hurricane test held at the FHP headquarters.