Jackson County Hurricane Shelter

Hurricane Ivan made Jackson County residents aware that a hurricane shelter doesn't exist in their county.

Last hurricane season, folks in Jackson County were left asking questions about where to go when a mandatory evacuation was issued.

David McLean of Jackson County Rescue says, "I remember I was at work and my mom called me and said they had a mandatory evacuation and we were just kind of confused about where to, what we would do, we had no where to go, no shelters. We wound up going to one of my parents place of business the entire night."

County officials are set to announce that the new Marianna High School will be ready for this year’s hurricane season.

Cricket Moore of Jackson County Rescue, says, "I think it's wonderful, it's exciting that we'll have an opportunity to have some place different to go besides being in our homes knowing that they're not safe during that time in a hurricane and in other weather conditions."

The new Marianna High School will be able to withstand hurricane force winds and is state and Red Cross approved. This is good news for folks with memories of Hurricane Ivan still fresh in their minds.

Cheryl Martin of Jackson County Rescue, says, "I know so much people that had property damage and had no where to go. They needed this."

The shelter will provide enough space to house close to 3,000 people. Last year, Hurricane Ivan was responsible for either the damage or total destruction of over 100 structures in Jackson County.