Local Quadruplets Get to Come Home From the Hospital

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Every year more and more couples turn to fertility treatments to help them have a baby, but for a Panama City couple the four-year pursuit to babydom ended in a baby boy "plus three."

Dreams really do come true. That's what Dr. Fred Gaither and his wife Kim are saying. After four years of trying to have a child, the Panama City couple now has four babies to show off.

Miles Elliot, March Foster and identical twins Graham Lane and Grayson Dane were all four born April 13 at Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital in Orlando.

Fred and Kim Gaither got a baby for every year they've been trying to conceive.

"We did Invitro Fertilization. We actually replaced three eggs. One split to identical twins."

Mom and her babies are happy to finally be home. The quads spent the first five weeks of their little lives at the neonatal intensive care center at Orlando hospital.

Each one only weighed around two and a half pounds when they were born a month early.

One of the quads, Graham Gaither, was born with a heart condition called Tetrology that will require open heart surgery when he's stronger.

Kim says she's now taking cues from the only other quad mom in town. Holly Dorr gave birth to Bay County's first quadruplets around this time three years ago. Kim says Holly has been a real help.

"It was nice to hear somebody who's been through it, and had a positive outcome. I wasn't quite as scared as when I first found out."

And as the Gaither boys grow stronger; an extra two pounds stronger, in fact. Mom and dad realize their luck has quadrupled as well.

“Very, very lucky. We're truly blessed."

You can imagine the quads are a handful, but Kim is taking off a few years from her job as a nurse, and she says so far the boys sleep at the same time, wrapped closely together in a large blanket.