Three Dozen Allegations Leveled at Local Circuit Judge

The Florida Judicial Qualifications Commission has filed a notice of formal charges with the state supreme court against Circuit Judge Richard Albritton of Panama City.

In all there are 36 charges against Judge Albrittion including failing to work with the court administrator, ignoring three requests from the Department of Corrections for clarification of a sentence given to a local defendant, requiring defendants to attend church as a condition of probation, commenting from the bench about how attractive an 18-year-old female defendant was, and gave her a lighter sentence than normal.

Albrittion is also charged with being late on an ongoing basis to hearings and trials, putting a young mother in a holding cell for most of the day because she couldn’t remember her address.

A teenaged pregnant girl, charged with a crime, would not tell who the father of the baby was. Allbritton allegedly put her back in Juvenile Detention until she would tell.

Many other allegations were filed, most involve the judge’s treatment of females and minorities.

Also cited is an effort by the judge to have people donate to a party in his honor. This is just a small sample of the 36 complaints against judge Albritton He has three weeks to respond to the 36 charges with the state Supreme Court.

The court will determine his fitness to be a judge, and could discipline him by reprimand, fine, suspension, lawyer discipline or removal from office.