Jackson County House Fire

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Losing your home would be a devastating blow to any family. Now imagine how you'd feel if you lost three homes in the last four years? A Jackson County family is dealing with the latest in a string of personal disasters.

When Mark and Beverly Rogers saw their home and everything in it destroyed by a fire Sunday afternoon, it brought back memories.

Mark Rogers says, "About 2001 we had a tornado come through and tear everything up; 2003 the house burned and last Sunday the house burned again."

The tornado left them with $45,000 worth of damage. The fire in ‘03 was a total loss, and Sunday's fire was a repeat performance.

"I don't know what to say. We'll get over it just like we did the others."

The Rogers' say the hardest part is explaining it all to their three children.

Beverly Rogers says, "They've cried. They miss their stuff. They don't understand what's going on. My youngest son was two or three when the tornado happened, so he still remembers it all."

Mark Rogers says after this latest fire the family's decided to look for a different home site.

"It's been three times. I can't go through it right now again. We're just going to have to find some other place.

Until then, the Rogers’ say they'll be living with other family members. The Rogers’ were not home when their last home burned. Investigators say it appears an electrical short was responsible for the fire.