War Souvenir Trial Ends With Guilty Verdict

An Eglin Air Force Base major is facing a one year prison sentence and discharge from the military after a military judge found him guilty of illegally shipping home war souvenirs from Iraq.

Maj. Gregory McMillion shipped a small arsenal of automatic weapons and hundreds of other war souvenirs from Iraq when his unit returned home to Eglin after an eight-month deployment in Iraq in November 2003.

Included in the shipment were 29 Romanian, East German, Hungarian and Iraqi automatic rifles, a Chinese machine gun, four antique rifles, six rocket propelled grenade launchers, and dozen of ammunition magazines, scopes and sights.

There were also dummy land mines and grenades, almost 1200 Iraqi Army berets and 253 bayonets.

The Eglin military judge found McMillion guilty on Thursday, and sentenced him on Friday to one year in prison and discharge from the Air Force.