Citizens Group Urges Governor To Kill Ten Bay County Prjects Approved By Lawmakers

It’s turkey time in Tallahassee, and this year there’s even some pork on the menu.

Florida Taxwatch released its annual turkey report Friday. Dominic Calabro says they’ve singled out hundreds of spending projects in the new state budget that should be vetoed by the governor.

Calabro is the Florida Taxwatch Executive Director.

He says, "Florida’s budget has almost twice the number of budget turkeys as last year. That’s the finding of Florida Tax Watch which identified 422 items in the state budget costing $215 million, or one quarter billion dollars, it calls turkeys and are urging Governor Bush to veto them.”

Ten proposed budget items for Bay County made the Taxwatch turkeys list.

Domnic Calabro's group considers the $3.5 million for a new Bay County Emergency Operations Center to be a turkey.

Another gobbler is $2.5 million for downtown library renovation or construction. Taxwatch also classifies the $2.55 million for an FSU administrative service center in Panama City as a turkey.

Also on the list a half million dollars for the Child Advocacy Center, and $200,000 for a pool at the Boys and Girls Club.

In most cases, the projects made the turkeys list because they were not recommended by the governor or by an agency. It's now up to Gov, Bush to decide if the projects will make the final budget.