Teenager Murdered

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At the Pana-Villa Apartments on Saturday, blood still stains the ground as those who knew Tristen Robinson remember their friend.

"I went to school with him and I just seen him over here in the hood all the time. My homeboy."

“Late Night” made a shirt in tribute to her friend. It says “rest in peace, Booba,” a name given to him by his grandmother.

Lendora Savoi, Tristen's grandmother, says, "We won't be able to see this young man anymore. We'll never know what he could have been."

Police say Tristen and 22-year-old Darius Terrell were arguing over a girl when Terrell stabbed him in the chest with kitchen knife.

Moments after, a crowd began beating Terrell and in retaliation 17-year-old Marquez Carroll fired a gun several times into the air. He then shot into an apartment that Terrell escaped to. Amazingly, no one was shot.

Both men later disappeared and police need your help in finding them.

Terrell is from Hallandale, Florida and believed to be headed in that direction. Police say they have notified south Florida authorities.

Marquez Carroll is also wanted for separate charges including drug trafficking and grand theft.

Tristen may have died Friday night, but it seems several lives were lost that evening.

Lendora Savoi says, "This child had a future and it's gone. This young man (Terrell) had a future, and he destroyed his too."

Police have not given a motive for the stabbing. His family calls his death a case of mistaken identity, but they're hoping the investigation will provide more answers.

"I want the police to do their job. I want this young man brought to justice because I would really like to know why."

It’s an answer few know, and even fewer are willing to talk about. Only a handful would speak about their friend.

"[I] hurt like everybody else, but I know he's in a better place, so we goin’ to hold it down.”

Police say Terrell should have bruises and cuts on his face after the beating he took from the crowd. Call Panama City police if you have information at 872-3100.