Smoke Alarms

Smoke Detector

Boy Scouts are awarded on their acts of leadership. A Calhoun County's scout's act of leadership will have an impact on his entire school.

Tyler Prowant says he wanted to do something that would impact the lives of everyone in his community.

"Fire safety is really important cause they need to know what to do is case of a fire," he says.

So with the help of his dad and scout leader, this 13-year-old gathered enough donations from local business to purchase 300 smoke detectors. That's enough smoke detectors for every kid at Carr School in Calhoun County.

Tom Aycock, the scoutmaster, says, “Tyler came to me with the project proposal as his scoutmaster. As a volunteer firefighter, it hit right home."

But Tyler's project goes beyond handing out smoke detectors.

Todd Prowant, Tyler's dad, says, “He's always shown to do his best and to help others. It's just made me extremely proud of this young boy and he happens to be my son."

The other part of Tyler's project was this presentation educating his entire school on fire safety.

"I could teach them how to use it, how to install it and everything. I'd like to give them a tool that could save their lives.”

Tyler says he got the idea for the project after being at a friend’s house and not finding any smoke detectors. Because of that day, the entire school now has one.

Tyler Prowant is currently a Life Scout. This project was done to earn his Eagle Scout badge.