Former Fellow Cop Scams Fundraising for Murdered Beach Police Sgt. Kight

A former Panama City Beach police officer is behind bars after admitting he stole more than $500 in donations that were supposed to go to the family of murdered Beach Police Sgt. Kevin Kight.

They used to be Brothers in Blue, but police say Louie Randall Durden used the death of his former colleague, Sgt. Kevin Kight, to make a quick buck.

Durden, a 22-year-old former beach police officer, was arrested Wednesday morning after an undercover investigation revealed he defrauded dozens of people. Investigators say Durden was selling "In Memory of Sgt. Kevin Kight" stickers for $15.

He told the buyers the proceeds were supposed to go to Sgt. Kight's family, but Durden admitted that the money went to his pocketbook.

Lying has gotten Durden in trouble in the past. His fabrications about damaging a patrol car at the Panama City Beach Police Department got him fired about a year ago.