Possible Callaway Creeper Suspect in a South Florida Jail

Bay County sheriff’s investigators say they plan to talk to a rape suspect in Port Charlotte about a string of unsolved local child molestations that began 10 years ago.

Thirty-one-year-old Erik Thomas Knapp is accused of kidnapping and raping two girls, one-aged 13, and the other seven. The attacks happened in the last two weeks at Port Charlotte in south Florida.

Knapp has local ties. A mug shown in the local media here was taken last year when local authorities arrested him here for burglary.

Knapp had been living in Bay County off and on for a number of years, dating back to 1995 when the first of the so-called Callaway Creeper attacks occurred.

At that time a man broke into a Callaway area home in the middle of the night, molested a young girl and then fled the house.

It happened three times in 1995, once in 1996 and once in 1997.

The Creeper usually entered the home through a child’s bedroom window, leaving the same way.

At the time investigators were looking for someone who was young and athletic. Police say there are similarities between the Callaway cases and the recent attacks in Port Charlotte.

Knapp is in the Charlotte County Jail and there’s no word yet on when local deputies will travel south to talk with him.