The School Uniform Issue Raises its Head Again

Bay County School Board members may have a heavy task while students are out this summer. They’re designing a new dress code, which could include uniforms in the county’s public schools.

As it presently stands, all local school board members are in favor of school uniforms in one form or another.

Some of them say it’s the popular styles right now, which have brought the issue to the forefront once again. Micro-minis and short shorts are not allowed in school according to the current dress codes, but school officials say the rules are so hard to enforce because parents are not supportive.

Local school leaders are looking to the school board for a ban on what they are calling the Three Bs: breasts, belly and butt.

School Board member Donna Allen sent out a survey to more than 3,500 parents and teachers asking what they think about the current dress code. Overwhelmingly, the answers came back for school uniforms.

Allen says one of the concerns is from male teachers and administrators who are put in a bad situation when a female student is wearing something too revealing.

Board Chairman Ron Danzey says he expects the school board to vote whether or not to proceed and develop a new dress code policy including a school uniform policy.

The board meets at 5 p.m. Wednesday to discuss the dress issue.