School Personnel Changes Rallies Calhoun County Parents

Any time there is a change in public office holders there’s bound to be a change in some of the people who work for them.

Residents in Calhoun County are upset about two of the latest changes in their school system.

Superintendent Mary Sue Neves is reassigning Altha High School principal Harriet Peacock, who has held that job for the past 18 years.

Over 100 parents showed up at the Calhoun County School Board meeting in Blountstown Monday night showing support for Mrs. Peacock. Despite their protests, Neves officially announced the Altha principal’s position was now vacant

Altha resident Cyndy Byler was one of those who stood up for the principal.

“We are a close knit community. When there is a tragedy, we bind together and Mrs. Peacock has been a large part of that. She rallies the children together. She encourages them to support each other and to support their community. What more could you ask for in a leader?”

Supt. Neves defended her position.

“Every year you have a change in personnel. This is not any different from any other year in any other Florida school district. There are always changes in personnel placement.”

In addition to the Altha slot, Supt. Neves also reassigned Blountstown High School Principal Ronnie Hand.