Soldier Friendly Legislation Gets the Okay From the Governor

Florida Gov. Jeb Bush was surrounded by some of the top brass in the state Tuesday as he signed five of the "soldier-friendly" bills approved by the Florida Legislature.

One of the bills approved by the Legislature sets aside $5 million in emergency assistance for military families facing hard times.

The others will provide financial assistance to Floridians in the Guard or Reserves who are called up for active duty and discover their military pay is nowhere near what they were making in the private sector.

State Rep. Joe Negron of Stuart, Florida was one of the bill’s sponsors.

"This is going to enable the commanders right there on the scene to make decisions. These won’t be loans. These will be direct payments to families to help them during times of financial emergency."

In Florida, 1,200 active duty soldiers, reservists and guardsmen are eligible for the salary grants.