New Partnership Can Link Floridians With Free or Low-Cost Drugs

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More than two million Floridians don’t have health insurance, and health care workers fear many of them don’t take life-saving medications because they just can’t afford them. A new service aims to change that.

The “Partnership for Prescription Assistance” can hook you up with free or low-cost drugs with the click of a mouse, or a simple phone call.

Thousands of patients with no health insurance walk through the doors of many neighborhood clinics every year.

Dr. Temple Robinson says many have jobs, but either their employer doesn’t offer insurance or they don’t make enough to afford it. Sometimes that means they go without medication they need to stay alive.

“These are people who work, but you have to make a decision. If your medicines, for example, cost $500 a month, you can’t go to Publix AND buy medicine.”

Robinson hopes her patients will take advantage of a brand-new service called the “Partnership for Prescription Assistance of Florida.” You can log onto a website or call a toll-free number, confidentially give your prescription information, and get instantly hooked up with 275 free or reduced-cost drug programs.

The larger issue, of course, is the growing number of Floridians who don’t have health insurance. Programs like this new partnership are a big help, but State Representative Curtis Richardson of Tallahassee says insurance companies need to step up, too. “We need to get them involved and working with government and the pharmaceutical and health care industry to come up with solutions.”

In the meantime, health care providers and community groups hope the Prescription Assistance Program catches on, and fewer families have to choose between medicine and food.

Agencies participating in the Partnership for Prescription Assistance of Florida include the United Way, Catholic Hospice, and the Aids Institute as well as many others.

For more information, log onto or call toll-free 1-888-4ppa-now (1-888-477-2669.) Information is confidential, and operators can answer your questions in 150 different languages.