Cold Case Warming Up

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Sgt. Chris Buchanan's father Jim Buchanan first found human bones here in 1979, but it would be 26 years later before his son found out the identity of the remains.

Sgt. Chris Buchanan of the Gulf County Sheriff's Department says, "He had always told me that's one thing he had always wanted to find out was who the body belonged to, and I was able to bring that info to him and I'm glad I was."

Thanks to a missing person's website and a family that wouldn't give up, Rocky Lewis Berry will finally be laid to rest. He was originally from Washington State and family members say in 1978 he made a cross country trip from California to Florida when he disappeared.

DNA testing allowed investigators to post a physical description of the victim on a website. Soon after, Brenda Quiroz from Washington State called believing the remains were that of her brother.

Another more advanced DNA test proved her right and today gives Inv. Buchanan hope that he can find out what happened 26 years ago.

"The good Lord has left it open and is going to help us close this case up and give closure to the family."

Investigators believe he was murdered and are now looking for his killer.