Greyhound Bus Service

You'll soon be seeing less Greyhound bus traffic around the Panhandle. The bus company is cutting back on routes and cities it serves. That means lots of local travelers will have to leave the driving to someone besides Greyhound.

Tracy Earls put six years of her life into managing the Greyhound bus station in Chipley.

Tracy says, "When I first arrived here we had four buses a day. About two years later they cut us down to three buses a day."

Like some other stations in the southeast, Tracy recently received a letter from Greyhound.

"Changes are being made and some routes and locations are being eliminated. I'm one that's being eliminated."

The letter says Greyhound is streamlining their operation, but Tracy feels that it causing an inconvenience to the people in small towns.

"They want to get the business customers and they want to get the people where they want to go quicker, but it will only be major cities."

At least one traveler says he sees both side of the issue.

Arteshin Leverson says, "I'm coming from Houston. I'm trying to get home quicker, but you have some people here that's trying to catch the bus; for them it's going to be bad."

The bus station in Youngstown is also being eliminated, leaving folks in the area to travel to Panama City or Marianna for the nearest station.

Store managers say they'll miss the business, but the people in the area will miss the station being there even more.

Chuck Ivey, 231 Truck Plaza manager, says, "Most of the people that get on here are people who can't afford to buy a car or can't fly. Now this will really hurt them."

Other Greyhound bus stations around the Panhandle that will be closing include Blountstown, Chattahoochee, Crestview, Navarre, Panama City Beach and Quincy.

Greyhound plans to close over 30 bus stations in Florida by June 21.