Kids Kool Day

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Drugs and alcohol prevention is something that should be on the mind of every parent, and some kids from around the Panhandle are saying drug free is the way to be.

Nearly 1,000 elementary school students from five local counties pledged to live a drug free life style at the Kool Kids Day in Marianna Friday afternoon.

Pamela McDaniel of PANDAAP says, “I would prefer the people who are my doctors and lawyers and officials in the county to be drug free. These children is what we're gonna have in the future and I want them to be strong and healthy, and that's what today was about.”

This event sponsored by the Panhandle Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Coalition featured messages from Florida's director of drug control James McDonough and the Florida High Patrol.

Lt. Steve Preston with FHP says, "We use this rollover simulator to demonstrate what happens when you're involved in a crash when you do have your seat belt on versus when you do not have your seat belt on. It very important. Seat belts do save lives and reduce the injuries in crashes."

And other groups like Smarter Than That, an organization from Jacksonville that educates children about the dangers of drugs, alcohol and tobacco use.

Teresa Spencer with Smarter Than That says, "The reason that we put this program together is because statistical data shows that the more often children receive those positive messages, the more likely they are to refrain from drug alcohol and tobacco use."

For these kids, this event was not about having fun. It's a day they made a promise to themselves to live a drug free life. Experts say teens that learn anti-drug messages at home are 42 percent less likely to use drugs.