Washington County Drowning Follow-up

Divers have recovered the body of a Washington County 18-year-old who drowned in a flooded sand pit Wednesday.

The young man's family is now left to deal with the tragedy.

Divers from Washington County, Bay County and Houston County in Alabama resumed their search Thursday morning, and around 1:30 in the afternoon it was over when the body of 18-year-old John Rollins was found in a Sand Pond on Highway 280 in the Hensons Crossroads area of Washington County.

Mark Collins of WSO says, "No injuries at all. It just does appear that it was an apparent drowning."

Officials say Rollins went swimming with two other teenagers Wednesday afternoon and as the three were crossing the Sand Pond Rollins, indicated that his arms had given out before he went under water.

"They had pinpointed more or less an area that was right close to the area that all three of them were swimming across, and that's about the same spot that we found him."

Friends that knew Rollins say hearing the news of what happened is heartbreaking.

Matt Harris says, "I gave him a call yesterday and his brother told me it just had happened. I was the first person to know about it. He said his brother had drowned and my heart just stopped.”

Though early evidence indicates John Rollins died from drowning, investigators say his body will be taken to the coroner’s office in Panama City for further examination.

Rollins was going to be a senior at Vernon High School this fall.