A Group of Nine Local Women "Panama City Working Girls" Claims a $27 Million Lotto Jackpot

The Lotto group Friday claimed the Wednesday, May 11, estimated $27 million Lotto prize.

The nine-member pool chose to take their winnings in a one-time lump sum payment option, in the amount of $15,944,997.38. They purchased their winning ticket at: U.S. Outlet, 7336, East Highway 22, in Callaway

The winning numbers were: 04 - 05 - 09 - 17 - 19 – 30.

All of the members, who reside in Panama City, work in the medical field. Seven of them worked in the billing Department of a Panama City Eye Clinic. The other two worked in Billing at a local cardiologist office.

Members of the pool include: Fran Atkinson, Jean Freiberg, Amber Geoghagan, Dana E. McClain, Kathi Nichols, Linda Price, Tabitha Williams and Nancy Wisneski.

According to Geoghagan, the lottery pool has been playing Florida Lotto every Wednesday and Saturday since 2000. Every member of the pool plays selected numbers for each drawing.

McClain, who joined the pool in 2004, has been playing the same numbers for 10 years. She chose the lucky numbers for the May 11 drawing by using her sons' birth dates and her own birthday.

Members of the pool found out they won after hearing rumors that the winning ticket was sold at the store Geoghagan purchases the pools tickets from. Upon confirming that they had won the Lotto, Geoghagan informed members of the pool that they had purchased the only winning ticket.

They immediately started to hug each other, jump up and down and cry. They kept their winning ticket in a safety deposit box until they left for Tallahassee Friday this afternoon to claim their prize.

The "Working Girls" plan on making their winnings work for them, pay off bills, buy new cars, do some repairs on their homes and help family members.

The Working Girls are the 14th Florida Lotto winners to purchase a winning ticket in Bay County. They are the 812th Lotto winners since 1988.