Judge Orders Kids Best Daycare Shutdown

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The local courts have stepped in the case of a Panama City Beach daycare center accused of neglecting children. Friday afternoon Circuit Judge DeeDee Costello issued an emergency order closing Kids Best daycare, after a baby was severely burned there earlier this week.

Sheriff's officials say eight-month-old Yalena Mousadakus tipped over a crock pot full of hot water, scalding half of her body. Her grandmother, Silvia Vega, says Yalena is now in stable condition but will remain hospitalized for weeks to come.

Sheriff's officials are not expected to meeting with Department of Children and Families representatives until Tuesday, when they will decide whether or not criminal charges will be filed against Kids Best Daycare. It seems Judge Costello didn't want to wait that long.

The judge cited a long history of non-compliance by Kids Best as reason to shutdown the facility. Kids Best has been fined five times by DCF in the past three years. The daycare was almost shutdown last June when two years, and was almost shutdown last June when two toddlers wandered into the parking lot next door.

A court date has been set for June 6, where the owner of Kids Best can fight the injunction, but the facility will remain closed until a decision is made.