Kids Best Daycare Update

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Last Friday, Kids Best owners Jeff and Shirley Jones learned they could go to court to try and reopen the daycare after a circuit judge ordered it shut down, but the Bay County Sheriff's Office could have made it more difficult for that to happen.

Department of Children and Families representatives and sheriff's investigators met with the state attorney's office around 4 o'clock Tuesday afternoon. Sheriff's Office spokesperson Ruth Sasser says investigators want to find out if a court case could be won against the Jones’ if certain criminal charges are brought forth.

The Sheriff's Office plans to make an announcement regarding the case Wednesday sometime.

Circuit Court Judge DeeDee Costello ordered the facility shut down on Friday. A court date was scheduled for June 6 so the Jones’ could fight the injunction.

Eight-month-old Yalena Mousadokus was critically injured last Tuesday after sheriff's investigators say she tipped over a crock pot full of hot water. Sheriff's investigators say Yalena was in a crib next to the refrigerator, which the crock pot was sitting on top of.

Yalena is expected to be transferred to a local hospital in two weeks after being treated for second and third degree burns at a Birmingham burn unit.

Owners Shirley and Jeff Jones could not be reached on Tuesday for comment regarding the possibility of facing criminal charges.