Bonifay Finances

High gas prices are taking a toll on government budgets across the country. Even small towns like Bonifay aren't exempt.

Like most small cities Bonifay is suffering the effect of high fuel cost, and at a recent City Council meeting, city officials discussed ways for Bonifay to generate more revenue, but folks that live here say they're not ready to welcome a hike in utilities.

Timothy Campbell says, "Well, I work for a living every day and I think the bills are quite high."

This is the opinion of many people here despite the fact that Bonifay recently, nearly missed making its payroll and is blaming it on the high cost of fuel.

Phyllis Nease, who works in Bonifay, says, "I don't think they can afford to raise anything in Bonifay. Holmes County is one of the poorest counties here in Florida. I know this ‘cause I work here. The people here can't take another hit."

Bonifay already has a gas tax, but no property tax, and water and sewage hookup prices have been the same for 19 years. People here say wages haven't gone up, so why should utilities?

Angie Joyner, who lives in Bonifay, says, “An alternate solution, or raise the incomes, if they can't raise the income who can afford to go to work and pay their bills too?”

City officials were contacted but declined to comment. City officials are researching different proposals to increase revenue. They'll discuss their options at the June 13 City Council meeting.