Lewis Verdict

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The verdict is in for the Amanda Lewis murder case. Lewis was charged with drowning her seven-year-old daughter Adrianna Hutto in an above ground pool in their back yard last year.

The decision took jurors just two hours to decide. There was little emotion from Amanda Lewis, as the clerk read the guilty verdict in her murder case.

The decision was a win for prosecutor Larry Basford, who argued Lewis' seven-year-old daughter drowning was no accident.

"This is child abuse that in great body harm, in this case death."

But public defender Walter Smith disagreed. He said the main witness in the case was AJ Hutto and tried to discredit his statements

"What version of the AJ Hutto's story do you want to believe? I submit he concocted his story because he had something to do with the murder because he was over their hanging on to her feet while she floated in the pool and she drowned."
And one of his witnesses supported the idea that AJ's story wasn't consistent.

"He said he didn't see it because if he did he would get in trouble."

But some of her statements were conflicting and supported the prosecution case as she read a transcript of a conversation she had with AJ Hutto.

"Mommy told her, ‘if you came out one more time I’m going to dunk you.’ Adrianna told momma no, and his mother grabbed her by the shirt and took her outside and told her to get into the pool and scoop out the bugs, and she said, ‘if you don't scoop the bugs out I’m going to kill you.’"

Soon after, the defense rested. Two hours after being receiving the case, the jurors came back with their verdicts, finding Amanda Lewis guilty of both first degree murder and aggravated child abuse.

Lewis will be sentenced on March 17. She faces between 30 years to life in prison.