Counterfeit Merchandise Business Lands Father and Son Team in Jail

A complaint from a disgruntled woman who never received merchandise for a $4,000 check she sent to an Internet site has led Bay County sheriff’s deputies to a Panama City Beach home where they arrested two men and seized a truckload of merchandise.

Jailed was 43-year-old Joseph Julius Wunsch, III and his son, Joseph Julius Wunsch, IV.

Officers seized a large quantity of counterfeit purses, suitcases, shoes, belts, wallets and sunglasses.

They also seized records showing the men were doing business through two websites: EMS Diva Fashion and World Wide Replicas.

They apparently had customers all over the world and had received many complaints of merchandise never arriving after money was sent.

Investigators believe the two men allegedly obtained the counterfeit Louis Vuitton, Prada, Christian Dior and Oakley products from Chin and New York.

They had been running the world wide operation from their home at 2509 Pelican Bay Drive, Panama City Beach.

Marijuana, cocaine and narcotics paraphernalia was also found in the house as investigators served a search warrant on Thursday.