Do You Know Which Hurricane Evacuation Zone You Live In?

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You can find the evacuation zone map in the phone book, but like most people found out last year it's hard to see, much less interpret. Emergency Management officials say there's a much more precise way to find out which zone you live in on the Internet.

"Residents can act now by going to our interactive website. You can put your address in and it brings up the parcel, determining exactly what evacuation zone they're in," says Bob Majka, Emergency Operations Center Chief.

Here's how the interactive map works. Log onto Click on the interactive map and launch the map viewer. Then click on the layers tab up top and choose emergency planning, evacuation zones on the right-hand side.

When the evacuation map appears, click on the locate tap on top of your screen and type in your address. Click on the legend to find out which evacuation zone you're in. The website got 2.5 million hits in one day before Ivan hit last season, forcing EOC officials to find cyberspace elsewhere.

"We actually had to work out an agreement with a school in Oklahoma to host the site. we may implement it sooner this time," says Majka.

Your best bet, Majka says is to log on now, so your not left wonder if you should stay or go when the first storm strikes.

If you don't have an internet connection you can call the EOC at 784-4000 and they will tell you which evacuation zone you live in.