144th Transportation Coming Home

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National Guard families across the Panhandle are receiving some good news. Their loved ones will be coming home from Iraq sooner than expected.

The 144th Transportation Unit out of Marianna left for Fort Bragg last June, then Iraq a month later.

Belinda Moore has over 20 car magnets showing support for the troops, and there's one that has a personal meaning.

Belinda says, "We started with the 144th Transportation magnet. I just wanted to get a little more personal. That's why we have the yellow magnets. These were specially made. It even has Spc. Moore on it."

Belinda's husband, Spc. David Moore, and the rest of the troops from the 144th Transportation Unit in Marianna are scheduled to be in the U.S. by next week and back in Marianna a week after that.

Belinda says the family been anticipating their soldier’s return.

"The kids are more excited than I am right now. I'm more nervous than anything. He's been over there for a year now, but he volunteered six months prior and he was over there."

The Jackson County Chamber of Commerce is also arranging a special welcome home for the troops. They hope to see thousands of flag bearing citizens along Highway 90 as the soldiers make their way back to the armory.

Art Kimborough of the Jackson County CoC, says, "They'll come into town, four bus loads full of soldiers. We just really want to have a big red, white and blue cover the town, shout, scream, yell, holler, let them know how we appreciate them."

The exact date of the event has not been announced. The Moore family is hoping that it's sooner than later.

"We're just waiting until we get the phone call. We're hoping it's not two weeks.”

If you would like to buy a gift bag for a returning soldier, contact the Jackson County Chamber of Commerce at 482-8060 or info@jacksoncounty.com.