Jackson County Charter School

Officials from Jackson County's only charter school went before the School Board in an informal hearing to plead their case for renewal.

In March the Jackson County School District informed challenge for success charter school of an intent not to renew the charter that was issued in January.

Witnesses for the School Board were called to testify Friday afternoon. Witnesses for the challenge success will be heard from when the hearing continues in 10 days on June 13.

School Board Superintendent Danny Simms originally recommended to the School Board that the charter not be renewed because of FCAT testing irregularities, budget problems and education issues. Simms will make a second recommendation when the hearing is completed

Danny Simms says, "At that time, after hearing this information, they will make a vote as to what the Jackson County School Board will do, and that is to renew the charter or not to renew the charter, and that will be final as far as the Jackson County School Board is concerned."

Challenge for Success has 13 students, k-8th. They've been operating as a charter school in Jackson County for right years.