Bay County School Board Tackles School Uniform Debate

The board’s meeting room was packed with people wanting to speak on the issue.

Forty did get a change to address the board and spoke out against mandatory school uniforms. That’s in sharp contrast where only one man addressed the board on the uniform idea.

Before the Monday evening workshop, the board appeared poised to adopt a uniform policy for the next school year. The question was what type of uniform would it be.

School Board members listed several requirements they would like to see, including two strong requests from many students. The board is now considering the use of sandals, flip-flops, as well as cargo pants as long as they meet all of the other dress code requirements.

The proposed uniform policy is much more lax than many administrators had initially hoped for.

Students will be allowed to wear a wide variety of tops, including turtlenecks, crew necks, collared blouses, and golf type shirts.

School officials are happy, however, about the length of skirts and shorts. They must touch the knees.

Slacks, Jumpers and Capri parts will be allowed. The board members are still mulling over several issues like tucking in shirts and requiring belts.

The school uniform issue will come up for discussion again at this coming Wednesday’s School Board meeting.

The final vote will be on July 7.