Bay County School Board

The Bay District School Board is moving forward with efforts to close high school campuses during lunch, but it's going to be costly.

Wednesday, board members unanimously approved construction of covered patios at Rutherford and Mosley high schools at a price of 176-thousand dollars. The patios will create additional space for students to eat lunch, which will be needed in August when students are no longer allowed to leave campus for lunch without a waiver from their parents.

The board could have decided to create a third lunch period. that option would have been free, but one lunch period would be split, meaning students would leave class to eat and then return to finish up.

Mosley High Teacher Paul Durden says the split just doesn’t work.

"I have taught on a schedule where we had a split lunch 3rd period and that class just stayed behind my others, no matter what my good intentions were."

Bill Husfelt Mosley High Principal agreed.

"They'd do whatever you wanted to do. We just don't think it's the best solution. That's where our professional belief comes in."

All of the educators at Wednesday's board meeting spoke against splitting up class for lunch. Superintendent James McCalister says some other school projects will be delayed because of this move, which will come from capital outlay funds.

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