Help With Groceries for Elderly and Disabled

Florida is reaching out to low-income seniors and disabled people who may not be getting enough to eat.

The state is joining forces with the feds in a new program that links food stamps with people living on Supplemental Security Income, also known as SSI.

The "Suncap" program will automatically provide debit-like cards for qualified recipients to buy groceries at participating markets.

There’s no applying for a separate program or standing in line at a state agency. The card comes in the mail.

Lucy Hadi of Florida Department of Children and Families is a spokeswoman for the program.

"This card is used the same way as you or I would use a bank/debit card. You just swipe it through the machine and enter your PIN number which is unique, part of the security system, and then every transaction is logged specifically to your account just like my debit card would be to my bank account," Lucy says.

The more than 160,000 eligible Floridians could receive anywhere from $10 to $149 worth of free groceries a month.