Hwy 30A May Become a Scenic Corridor

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30A is more than just a county road to many residents of South Walton County. It's a cultural, historical and recreational corridor, and they want to make sure its name represents that.

A group of South Walton County residents have started a campaign to change the name of County Road 30A to the Florida Scenic Highway. They say the new name is more appropriate, but some locals worry about the impact in an already over developed area.

A bright spot for locals is that changing the road's name may bring in federal money to help preserve the local shops and businesses. It could also serve as a tourist attraction, which would bring in more money to the county.

The scenic 30A corridor advocacy group will host a public meeting at the Walton County TDC offices on the corner of Highways 98 and 331. That meeting is June 30 at 5:30 p.m.