Coley and Duncan Discuss Campaign

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The passing of state Rep. David Coley left a vacancy in the District 7 House seat.

Early voting began for that vacancy began Monday. With early voting starting Monday both candidates for the vacant District 7 House seat are still on the campaign trail.

Marti Coley, (R), District 7 candidate, says, "I feel passionately that I want to be elected because I want to finish what David started. I think that I know what he wanted."

Marti Coley, a veteran teacher and wife of former state Rep. David Coley, says education will her primary focus while still fulfilling her husband's legacy of economic development.

"That's the point behind this. He was so passionate about economic development. He worked very hard to help bring the family dollar in. We need businesses like that. We need to bring things to our area so our kids won't have to move away."

Coley's opponent is Carl Duncan, an administrator at Jackson County's only charter school and a 43-year resident of the Panhandle.

Carl Duncan, (D), District 7 candidate, says, "I think that all the people in the district have very strong feeling about family values, wanting to be able to provide for their family, education, health and to be left alone."

Duncan says as Florida's retiree population continues to grow, the state must come up with other ways to generate revenue.

"We certainly are losing money from education into infrastructure and health care services. I think we need to look into increasing tuition at colleges."

Both candidates agree that no matter who you vote for, the most important thing is that you do vote. Historically, special elections have had a 33 percent voter turnout.

You can contact your local supervisor of elections office for early voting procedures.

Early voting will continue until next Monday with Tuesday being the official election day.