Court Hearing Cancelled - Day Care Doors Closed

The Kids Best Day Care Center on Thomas Drive at Panama City Beach has closed its doors permanently.

The owner of the day care decided not to challenge a Department of Children and Families’ order and a court temporary injunction, which closed the Kids Best doors 12 days ago. When the owner gave up the fight, a court hearing on the issue Monday was cancelled.

DCF requested the courts to issue the temporary closure about two weeks ago after an eight-month-old baby was badly scalded in an accident.

Investigators say it appears she accidentally pulled a crock pot full of hot water onto herself.

DCF licensing supervisor is Joe Alexander and says, “We would consider it inadequate supervision when you would allow an infant and opportunity to pull up in a crib and pull on a cord which is attached to a crock pot and turn it over without have someone in the room providing adequate supervision.”

Alexander says DCF inspected the Kids Best facility earlier on the day of the accident, but the inspector didn’t see the crock pot in the room at the time and did not issue a safety violation.